About Easy Alert

For the Freedom Seekers


About Easy Alert

For the Freedom Seekers


Louw Venter
Easy Alert CEO

“When my mum had cancer, we wished there was an easier way to check on her. She was too proud to call us when she was struggling....

Mum was your classic stubborn old so-and-so.

Feisty, fiercely independent, and didn’t want us to fuss. But at the same time, she really did need to know we were there for her. And, just as importantly, we needed to know we could reach her.

I built Easy Alert in her honour.

Since then, I’ve met many parents, carers and employers who also wished there was a similar product for their feisty ones. I see a real need for a safety alarm that allows people to live the life they want: to roam free, be independent, and yet have help on-call at the touch of a button.

Easy Alert Guardian is for the elderly, tweens and teens, remote workers, travellers or hikers, even those with intellectual disabilities such as Downs Syndrome.

It’s for the freedom seekers.”


About the technology


The Guardian pendant received the prestigious Red Dot Award in 2015 for product design, joining other award winners such as Apple and Sony.

The design draws from world-class technology from Switzerland and Italy.

About the company

Easy Alert is an Australian company, based in Sydney Easy Alert is an IoT solutions supplier focussing on the safety and wellbeing of all Australians. We are a young and passionate team driven to help everybody live a free and fulfilling life, regardless of circumstances. We want to help people break free of the constraints while staying safe.

CEO Louw Venter brings more than 16 years’ experience in technology and GPS tracking.