Freedom + Security

SOS button

  • Thumb-print SOS button for easy recognition in the dark or an emergency.
  • SOS button triggers texts and optional voice calls, and shows your GPS location.
  • Accidental SOS voice calls can be cancelled.

Fall detection

  • Advanced fall detection can sense some serious falls and can send an alert text to up to five contacts.


  • Gives you security wherever you go (within Telstra mobile range). Simply wear it as a necklace or pinned to clothes.
  • Uses the national 3G mobile phone network and is not affected by the NBN rollout.

Voice calls

  • Emergency and any-time voice calls at the touch of a button.
  • SOS button triggers voice calls to up to 5 contacts in the sequence you choose.
  • Side button lets you make a call to your favourite contact without triggering an alarm.
  • Your contacts can call you via the pendant, just like a phone.

Text messages

  • SOS button triggers texts to up to 5 contacts.  Pre-configured text messages communicate the nature of the alert – SOS, falling, battery low and wandering (via geo alarm).

GPS tracking

  • Uses GPS technology so emergency texts show your location.
  • We can also set up geozones with perimeters chosen by you, which triggers an alert if the wearer wanders beyond the perimeter, or enters a particular area. Ideal for children or those with dementia.

Long battery life

  • Charges in an hour, and lasts for days.

Customised to your life

  • We configure the Easy Alert Guardian to the contact list of your choice, and to alert people in the order you choose.


  • Waterproof to IP65 standard, so it can withstand heavy rain and shower splashes.

No contracts, no strings attached

  • You buy it outright: there are no lock-in contracts, no ongoing subscriptions.
  • Even the SIM is pre-paid, so you’re in charge of how much you pay.

Ready to use

  • No installation required.
  • We program it before delivery, so you don’t need to stress about set up. It’s ready to go as soon as you get it.
  • We notify your contacts and explain how to interact with you via the device.

After-sale service

  • You receive full end-to-end service, with free support for setup and one set of future reconfigurations such as change of contacts or geozones.

14 day money-back guarantee