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For stubborn old so-and-sos

Stop fussing over me

You know it, and they know it: You’re a bit of a stubborn one, aren’t you? Feisty, independent and perfectly capable, thank you very much.

You don’t like being pinned down. Fussed over. And you don’t want to be a burden to your children.

You might be getting on a bit, but you don’t need to be treated like a child, or some dim-witted tea-drinking twit.

Everyone keeps talking to you about “safety” and “precautions”. They rabbit on about achieving independence and dignity. About taking control of your life.

But you’re already in control of your life.

You’ve been managing just fine for longer than they’ve been out of nappies.

The help you need when you don’t need help

That said, you’re completely aware that you’re getting older. And let’s face it, a bit frailer. A bit wobblier. You’ve fallen a few times. Accidents can happen.

You recognise you need some support, but you don’t need people to fuss and hover.

Personal alarm device for seniors

With Easy Alert, you can stay who you are. Your old feisty self. But with help when you need it at the touch of a button.

Easy Alert Guardian is easy to wear and hard to lose and weighs less than three 50 cent pieces. You simply slip it on when you get up in the morning.

Key features for seniors

Fall detection

The Guardian personal alarm pendant automatically detects falls, and sends texts to up to five contacts without you having to do anything.

Calls and texts

In an emergency, you can send an SOS call to your chosen contacts with one simple button touch.

Or you can use it to chat socially with your favourite people.

GPS tracking

When you press the SOS button, it shows your GPS location to your contacts, so they know where to send help.

You can also choose to set up geozones with perimeters. This is useful for those with dementia, as it sends an alert if the wearer moves outside your chosen perimeter, such as the aged care home.

Roam free. Stay feisty. Be safe.

14 day money-back guarantee