For Travellers, Hikers and Adventurers


For Travellers, Hikers and Adventurers

For the wild ones

Let me be free

You crave freedom. Unencumbered, unburdened freedom. To go where you choose, to explore, to travel beyond boundaries.

But you’re not stupid. You know you need to stay safe and stay in touch, especially in an emergency.

Be there, without being there The help you need when you don’t need help

The Easy Alert Guardian Pendant is like an emergency flare that makes voice calls and texts to your chosen contacts, with GPS tracking.

It frees you from the technology trap of smartphones, but gives you security when you need it.

You wear it as a necklace or clip it to your clothes; it’s easy to hide, easy to access and hard to lose.

With thumb-press activation, you don’t need to enter a password, making it easy to use when injured or in the dark.

How it works

In an emergency, you simply press the SOS button with your thumb, and it triggers texts and even calls to up to 5 contacts of your choosing, in the order you choose.

And most importantly, it shows your exact GPS location so they can send help.

You can also call your favourite contact using the side button, for casual or social calls.

Roam free. Stay feisty. Be safe.

14 day money-back guarantee