For Tweens and Teens


For Tweens and Teens

For the wanna-be-independent ones

Let me go by myself

So you’re growing up. You don’t need mum or dad following your every move. You want to catch the bus home, or walk to your friend’s house, or go to the shops. You want to roam free.

The help you need when you don’t need help

You don’t have a phone, and let’s admit it just between us here: there’s a small part of you that needs to know you’re safe. It would be great to be able to contact someone if you get in trouble – you miss your bus, you get lost, you hurt yourself.

Plus, you’ll have more freedom if your parents or carers know they can contact you.

Introducing the new personal alarm for kids

Easy Alert Guardian is easily hidden, yet easy to reach and hard to lose.

You simply slip it around your neck, clip it onto your clothes or throw it into your bag.

How it works

In an emergency, you press the SOS button, and the pendant will send texts and even make voice calls to your parents or other contacts.

It will show them exactly where you are, using GPS.

Plus, you can make casual voice calls to your favourite contact, just like a phone.

Roam free. Stay feisty. Be safe.

14 day money-back guarantee