For Health Professionals


For Health Professionals

For physios, OTs and rehab

I wish I could do more to keep them safe

Do you work with any stubborn old so-and- sos who refuse to accept they need help?

Clients who are “managing just fine, thank-you- very-much” and just want everyone to stop fussing?

And yet have already had a fall and are getting frailer every year?

We know those clients.

We talk with them – and their families – every day.

These clients are proud, capable people who have never had to rely on others. They don’t want tools to help them with “dignity and independence.” They feel they already have more dignity than you can poke a stick at.

The help they want when they don’t want help

Yet the truth is, your clients do need more help.

You’ve seen them in your practice and office; they’ve needed rehab, physio, OT and much more. There’s a frighteningly high chance of them falling again or falling ill.

In your job, you can give them the strength and practices to reduce falls and accidents, but you can’t prevent them.

So you find yourself leaving at the end of the day still worried about them. What if they fall and can’t reach the phone? What if the dementia increases and they wander off and get lost?

It was these worries that drove us to create Easy Alert Guardian. It’s a personal safety alarm pendant made for stubborn old so-and- sos just like your client.

Features for physio, OT and rehab clients:

Prevent Wandering

Guardian allows family to keep an eye on where they are, without tracking their every move.

Carers can set it up to alert them when the wearer moves beyond a set boundary, for example if they wander out of the retirement village, or get on the wrong bus.

We do this by setting up geozones with Geofence Perimeter reporting.

SOS Button

With Guardian, the wearer doesn’t have to remember passwords or key in a number to get help. They simply press a button.

This makes it easy for them to get help in the dark or in an emergency.

The SOS button instantly triggers pre-written texts and optional voice calls to selected contacts, and shows the wearer’s GPS location.

Fall Detection

Advanced algorithms can detect some serious falls, and trigger alerts to contacts automatically.

Stay Connected

Easy Alert Guardian also allows casual voice calls, just like a mobile phone on speaker phone. Anyone who has the pendant’s number can call anytime. The wearer can also make social calls to one specified contact.

14 day money-back guarantee